Our Vision

Virtual Locker helps you engage your students through personalized behavior reinforcements that accelerate student growth and develop what students need most, Grit - the passion and motivation to achieve long-term goals

How does it work?

For teachers, Virtual Locker provides class management tools that make life easier. You can communicate with your students, assign homework, engage students in real-time with interactive learning sessions, and many other features.

As students interact with the application, data is gathered and processed through patent-pending machine learning technology. The result is a set of personalized actions for each individual student so they can increase their Grit and succeed in the classroom.

What is machine learning?

As students use Virtual Locker, the system learns the students behaviors and offers personalized instructions for each student. Badges and points are offered to the student and the criteria to earn badges are unique to each student.

No two students are the same and Virtual Locker recognizes that. The more the students uses the application, the better we understand them to offer them unique instructions for success.

What features are available?



Classroom Management

Assignments & Attachments

Interactive Learning

Showdown Game

Pulse Messaging

Manage Roles and Responsibilities



Grit Points



Grit Reports

Earn Grit points and Badges through Machine Learning



Secure Messaging

User Management

Group Management

eSchool Integration



Administrative Capabilities

Many More!

How Do I Get Started?


We are still in beta, but we love our users and their feedback! Go to the Contact Us and send us your information so we can create an account for you for free!


Create student accounts, message groups, and your classroom. Populate your classroom with message boards, virtual assignments, interactive learnings, etc.


Assign students to your classroom so they can immediately start interacting with your classroom. They will start to earn Grit point and Badges as they use Virtual Locker.


You can see how students are performing during interactive learning sessions or see if they are reading your messages. We will be building more analytics so you always know how your classrooms are doing.

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